Riccó Offices – São Paulo

  • Client Riccó,
  • size 2,691 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Sao Paulo, Brazil,
  • Industry Furniture,
  • Mombá Arquitetura was tasked with the design of the Riccó furniture showroom and workspace located in São Paulo, Brazil.

    The creation of a new space for the “Riccó Hub” brand responds to the company’s cultural changes, it’s the union of two important stores of corporate furniture. The project, far beyond a readjustment of layout, investigates the new working paradigms in corporate environments and, above all, creates a unique and personalized space capable of transmitting the values of the new brand and stimulating the creativity and collectivity of workers.

    Flexibility and innovation were the main guidelines of the project. Considering that it is a multipurpose space in which the showroom is also the brand’s office, or vice versa, the project had to guarantee the functions and technical standards of a workspace, as well as the versatility and seduction that an exhibition space demands.

    Ensuring the possibility of several changes in a quick and easy way- both lighting and layout- we removed the existing ceiling (fact that considerably increased the ceiling height)and designed a metallic grid covering the entire space. The grid works as a support for new interventions such as suspended parts, panels and curtains. The entire lighting project can also be changed due to the grid, following the different collections and organizations of the store.

    Following the idea of flexibility, a raised floor was also developed throughout the entire project, allowing quick layout changes. The only fixed parts of the project are bathrooms, pantry and the presidency room.

    The sensory experience received special attention. The entrance is marked by a blue portico that frames the entire floor and highlights a new cultural space. To favor an egalitarian environment, of exchange and collective construction, we used an open and integrated layout. Some mobile panels and curtains were designed to guarantee some privacy for employees, when necessary. Beside the entrance porch, we designed an internal showcase that receives and highlights furniture signed by great designers, such as Patricia Urquiola.

    The new layout makes it possible to invite the visitor to stroll through the showroom-office. Each work group corresponds to an area of activity within the company and, although harmonious, each of them has its own setting according to the particularities of the work developed. Informal meeting areas and areas reserved for individual work were planned, such as the booths in the center of the room.

    Breaking away from the imaginary of a monochromatic and neutral corporate space, the search for a unique, striking and stimulating space had become a guideline of this creation. The use of colors were one of the most explored resources: the architecture received neutral colors and the furniture, highlight of the showroom, several chromatic compositions, with the use of the companies colors.

    Identity and personalization were key concepts of the project. We have created a variety of personalized pieces, such as whiteboard partition, acoustic panel and special lamps, which reproduce the identity of the company and its 140 years in the market.

    And if the kitchen is seen as the heart of the houses, the staff area appears as an important meeting point in the project. The area receives a vibrant color palette and a wood ceiling, as well as a personalized cabinet with symbols and colors that are part of the brand’s visual identity. The two-level table allows different types of meetings and the mirror lamp invites the opening of drawings and samples that can be seen directly or through the mirror’s reflection.

    Design: Mombá Arquitetura
    Photography: Guilherme Pucci