Rossmann Romania Offices – Bucharest

  • Client Rossmann,
  • size 21,528 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Bucharest, Romania,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • Mobexpert Office has achieved the office design for Rossmann Romania, a cardboard packaging production company, located in Bucharest, Romania

    Rossmann Romania is an industry leader in complete packaging solutions for any type of product. At global level, Rossmann is part of the leading independent corrugated cardboard packaging manufacturer in Europe and Africa.

    Mobexpert Office designed the new Rossmann offices in Romania. Due to the new factory opening, Rossmann needed to relocate also the local headquarters of the company.

    The guiding brief was to use traditional and quality materials, to configure wide spaces for welcoming and meeting, a large comfortable cafeteria for the whole team together with a separate area for interaction during coffee breaks.

    Mobexpert Office carefully carried the philosophy of the brand into the interior design through architectural elements: use of glass partitions to suggest transparency, use of laminated wood to claim traditional values and appreciation to nature, green living surfaces to invoke sustainability and eco-friendly materials, custom-made furniture and lighting elements to symbolize Rossmann values.

    Overall, the 2,000 square-meter office space accommodates big offices for each department to ensure light and direct communication with electric height adjustable desks and few private offices for top management. The office fits also a meeting hub, right next to the reception area, connected through movable laminated walls to ensure the proper space for multiple needs and configured with hi-fi infrastructure for video conference meetings. Socializing areas on both floors, large cafeteria with multiple zones where one can enjoy the lunch on the ground floor as if being out on a restaurant and socializing area on the 1st floor for late afternoon coffee breaks where one could be pleased by the amazing height ceiling skylight.

    The workflows between the functions of the office were intuitively designed so anyone can naturally do his work and in the same time feel as free as possible.

    The chromatic theme renders grey tones together with the clean blue in the floor areas or upholstery surfaces perfectly well balanced by the wood finishing on the walls and black metal insertions.

    Design: Mobexpert Office
    Photography: Andrei Tudoran