Standard Chartered Bank Offices – Bangalore

A design that bridges the gap between technology and finance, Standard Chartered Bank's new office expansion in Bangalore gives the company space to push creative boundaries and embrace innovation.

  • Client Standard Chartered Bank,
  • size 180,000 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Bangalore, India,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • M Moser Associates realized the design for Standard Chartered Bank‘s office expansion located in Bangalore, India.

    Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) wanted to expand its existing Bangalore campus with additional floors and a social hub to explore a new design language, push creative boundaries, and attract and retain tech talent. Supporting the company’s unique, agile and flexible working styles, the 180,000 sq.ft expansion bridges the gap between SCB’s technology and finance functions to embrace innovation.

    Due to organic growth, the existing 400,000 sq.ft campus didn’t have a reception space or a meeting place to integrate people from different floors. The new social hub supports culture and community at the heart of the campus, providing a common congregation area for interaction and “bump” encounters. Embarking on an immersive journey through the new space, users are welcomed at a branded reception, connected to a bistro-style cafeteria and business lounge for interaction, collaboration and unwinding throughout the day. To support talent objectives, the social hub also includes a multi-functional learning centre, training and interview spaces.

    To create a collaborative, transparent and highly innovative environment for the Technology Department, two floors have been dedicated to supporting a series of agile “sprint zones” where groups of 8-12 people can work efficiently together. Equipped with all the necessary digital and collaboration tools, each zone acts as a self-sustaining team meeting room, removing the need for a boardroom. In order to retain a sense of openness, the design team developed bespoke MS screens and rafters to divide the floors into multiple “sprint zones”. Breakout areas, touchdowns and meeting hubs provide a variety of settings to boost mental diversity and support performance.

    The rest of the space has been designed to support the Global Business Services (GBS) team – strategic and client-centric, with operations and technology expertise. Predominantly undertaking desk-bound work, there was a greater need for versatility. The new floors enable employees to select from a variety of settings, how and where to perform their work best. This includes multiple seating options, quiet rooms and phone booths. Breakout areas provide space for rest and relaxation, while a mix of collaboration clusters and pods provide boundaries between different neighbourhoods.

    By developing a barrier-free, flexible and energetic environment that benefits from various wellbeing initiatives, the design provides the business with a competitive edge for talent attraction and retention. Holistic design elements such as biophilic walls and dedicated “Wellness” and “Mother’s” rooms, emphasise core business values of health, wellness and inclusivity.

    Everything required for a productive and comfortable day can be found within the space, including a world-class, bistro-style cafeteria. Addressing a hospitality theme with bain-marie counters, the new design language supports a dynamic, all-inclusive work culture. The Bistro – with an attached business lounge – offers multiple seating options, including collaboration and private spaces, at the periphery of the floor plan to capture serene outdoor views.

    Although still recognised as a financial institution, the campus focuses primarily on data, robotics and software development. To connect the firm’s finance and technology functions and attract new “fintech” talent, the street culture concept has become an integral part of the design, representing the brand identity, rich workplace culture, and diversity of staff and clients.

    By prioritising agile and flexible workflows to support the needs of the next generation, SCB’s new campus extension in Bangalore establishes a new benchmark for its offices across India and around the globe. Hailed as the “workplace of choice”, SCB has scaled its operations and capabilities to create an environment that nurtures, attracts and retains talent.

    Design: M Moser Associates
    Photography: Purnesh Dev Nikhanj