Sony DADC Offices – Mumbai

  • Client Sony DADC,
  • size 7,000 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Mumbai, India,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • Ashleys recently realized the corporate minimal design for Sony DADC‘s offices located in Mumbai, India.

    The Sony office, nestled in the urban milieu of Navi Mumbai, exudes a young vigour with the vibrant portfolio of Sony evident in every volume while restraining to the robust subdued corporate ethos. Gutted down by an unfortunate fire accident in the past, the former office demanded a revival through modern and refined design vocabulary. Envisioning an idea of striking a balance between corporate minimalism that characterizes the global workspace design trends and a nonchalant industrial aesthetic that prioritizes authenticity of expression to create an office environment that is open, invigorating, subtly regimented and fits within clients budgetary, the design is administered.

    The office spread across an area of 7000 sq ft with exposed structural layout which was originally intended for an industrial unit. With a primordial agenda of incorporating spaces such as a director’s cabin, a conference room, a visitors’ lounge, meeting rooms, an editing room and an accounts room along with a total of 75 workstations in an open plan, the journey of design experimentation started.

    The design strategy is interlaced with the idea of fluidity while retaining the vastness of the block. The reception fabricates a welcoming introduction to the narrative of the office; it is devised as a transitory space to the visitors lounge ahead. Avoiding the mundane cabin approach that clutters the volume, the employee hierarchy is established through customizing workstation design. The staff workstations that run along the central core, breaking the typical linear grid of workstation design with a row of organic shaped spine that provides interaction and circulation. The rear end of the office is dedicated for the midlevel managers, equipped with bespoke C-shaped workstations and enhanced micro-climate that is enriched with natural light from the windows on the perimeter. Located on the left most zone is the managerial team which is segregated into open capsules demarcated my half walls and freestanding wooden consoles that casts interaction as well as privacy with the outer zone.

    The transparent cabin of CEO, a brief of envisaged design vocabulary and a reflection of the persona of client himself, is composed of subtle décor accents such as the casual seating with exposed legs and a quirky credenza on the right corner. Imbibing natural light through large fenestrations, all the private zones like meeting rooms, director’s cabin and the conference room are arranged along the peripheral zones. Subsequently, the cafeteria is devised with informal tables and a kitchenette; washrooms can be accessed through it to maintain an organised flow of activities.

    Minimal yet corporate code of the office is attained by the subtle accents of industrial style where ceiling is rendered with exposed ducts and exposed brick walls are painted with white hues. Imbuing the column layout into the design, freestanding consoles and desks are fitted between two pillars while they withhold the shelves. For the workstation to remain uncluttered, customised storage units are introduced. Contemporary landscaping of the interiors stimulates an organised and peaceful works environment.

    Accessories such as floor lamps, planters and rug add an essence of minimalistic cues to the space. A visual symphony is created in seating where the vibrance of red is used to break the monotony of grey.

    Rigid palette of industrial décor sophisticated in whites allows the design to communicate through skeletal textures while endorsing the minimalistic corporate finesse. Pertaining to the concept of fluidity and parading each element of décor in a picturesque frame, glass partitions that are detailed in a black aluminium grid are used to enclose the private zones. While catering to fluidity, the grey carpet flooring that covers the entire floor space regulate the acoustics of the space.

    Permeating natural light into the design through large fenestrations to encompass a positive psychological impact in the stressful aura of work space. The suspended metal shades above the workstations not only endures continuity over the ceiling plane but also limit the expenses.

    Envisaging the work culture of the young and creative employees of Sony, the design weaves an eloquent narrative of elegance that gleams energy, encourage productivity and portray the charisma of the Company.

    Design: Ashleys
    Design Team: Pooja Ashley, Arbaysis Ashley
    Photography: Photographix India