ArabClicks Offices – Dubai

  • Client ArabClicks,
  • size 2,465 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
  • Industry Advertising / Marketing,
  • Swiss Bureau Interior Design and Wirz Architects were trusted with the office design for ArabClicks, an e-commerce marketing company, located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

    Swiss Bureau developed an amazing opportunity to partner with Wirz Architects and former associate of Zaha Hadid Architects, Fulvio Wirz, in the design and build of the new ArabClicks Offices in Dubai. A leading e-commerce marketing company, ArabClicks sought after an interior design concept able to generate a powerful visual interconnection between all programs without losing its identity and distinctive function. The unique position of this office deserved a robust strategy to ensure both employees and executives could enjoy the breathtaking views of the Dubai business district. The design created in partnership with Wirz Architects and executed by Swiss Bureau is a direct interpretation of this philosophy translated into fluid and curvilinear spaces blending the final result with the hosting building: The Opus by Omniyat, a masterpiece structure designed by the late Dame Zaha Hadid.

    The enduring design of the ArabClicks office intends to answer the complex dichotomy between dynamism and flexibility of contemporary business workflows and architectural spaces. The partnership between the two firms combines the vast portfolio of contemporary interior spaces and the integrated network of contractors brought by Swiss Bureau with Fulvio Wirz’s quindecennial experience as a former associate of the leading International Architecture and Design firm.

    Using parametric design tools to explore multiple spatial configurations, an optimal strategy is chosen, consisting of positioning enclosed office spaces against the facade of the building while leaving enough free glazed surface to the open office area. The enclosed offices are conceived as transparent pods combining a good level of acoustic intimacy with the visual permeability required by the brief. Entering the office, we find the sculpted reception desk meticulously emerging from the wall. Opposite to that, the curved wall of the multi-purpose room guide guests toward the lounge area positioned in adjacency to the glazed facade. A powerful circulation space connects the large open office area with 15 hexagonal desks to the lounge with the layout and shape of the desks preventing a rigid mono-directional communication between employees, fostering a dynamic multi-directional and non-linear workflow.

    A ceiling made of curved timber fins run diagonally across the entirety of the space, bending down to become a vertical screen or to wrap and hide the structural columns of the building, making them part of the composition rather than disconnected elements. The ceiling design brings the whole concept together, organizing the multiplicity of programs into a unique, distinctive gesture guiding users along with the experience. An ephemeral skin of transformative elements through white plaster or warm timber creates an unprecedented statement, inflicting character and ambiance within the space while offering an abstract interpretation of the innate vibrational aspects of the sand dunes found in the region.

    A harmonic composition of discrete parts is achieved by repeating and alternating five different profiles obtained by employing a computational design process. The design features several custom furniture pieces taking advantage of the digital design process with the wall system integrating the company logo through an array of vertical grooves in variable-thickness engraved within the wooden doors. The meeting room table also features an organic-shaped base made by wooden sections with the fluid curved design of the seating system ideal for informal meetings.

    Design: Swiss Bureau Interior Design, Wirz Architects
    Design Team: Fulvio Wirz, Marija Puresic, Nathan Watts
    Photography: Bahr Al Karim