ATLAS Coworking Offices – Shenzhen

As the industry's leading full-chain operator of office spaces, ATLAS integrates food and beverage, sports, and art into the concept of the coworking community, creating a unique work space for those in Shenzhen.

  • Client ATLAS Coworking,
  • size 161,459 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Shenzhen, China,
  • Industry Coworking,
  • iDA Workplace has realized the design for the ATLAS coworking offices located in Shenzhen, China.

    Building from the idea of “Work hard and play hard,” iDA has not only created a flexible co-working office through the space’s design, we also added aspects of leisure and recreation to encourage a holistic work and life balance. The front of the workspace incorporates aspects of industrial design to create a space that is deliberately irregular. This design reflects the individualized needs of the people within the space. iDA incorporated stylized representations of ATLAS’s brand and taglines throughout the space as a way of keeping the mood light, yet indicative of ATLAS’s brand. Located in Shenzhen’s Hangtian Technology Plaza, iDA created three uniquely themed environments: “Oriental Garden” “Nautical Era” and “Tropical Rain Forest.” Each area utilizes individual styles and materials and incorporates environmental and graphic designs to represent each space’s unique personality.

    In the “K’anteen” restaurant iDA combined unique lighting and classic industrial details to create a casual, yet upscale dining atmosphere. As with the rest of the workspace, the dining area remains flexible and multifunctional allowing it to be used for dining, social gatherings, and workshops.

    As a long-term strategic partner and chief designer for ATLAS, iDA’s design services cover projects in Shanghai, Beijing, Xi’an, Hong Kong and other regions (more than 30,000 sqm). We combine ATLAS’s core visual identity with the unique characteristics of each space to present a variety of holistic services for style & theme setting, product design, and strategic space planning.

    Design: iDA Workplace
    Photography: Highlite Images