Vartis Offices – Kiev

  • Client Vartis,
  • size 8,611 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Kyiv, Ukraine,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • Illia Tovstonog Architects achieved the office design for Vartis, a rolled metal product supplier, located in Kiev, Ukraine.

    Vartis is a Ukrainian company that has been operating in the metal market since 1997. The main office is located in Kyiv — it is 800 square meters of a structured composition, practicality, and integration of brand values.The main finishing material is metal in all its manifestations as the main descriptor of the company: corten, steel rebars, stainless steel, etc. The interior, in its turn, complements the metal elements with visual lightness and simple shapes.

    The two floors of the new office are stylistically different, but at the same time retain the integrity of the design and the volume of the overall picture. The ground floor is cool ascetic, flexible, and active. The second one is warm eclectic, calm, and balanced.
    1st floor

    In order to expand the space at the entrance and add to its visual diversification, several metal elements were combined: stainless steel in the reception area and steel rebars stretched from floor to ceiling. There are no visible fasteners here, so it seems as if metal rays penetrate the terrazzo and get lost somewhere in the height. Nearby there is a waiting area with leather chairs and a coffee table by Ukrainian designer Kateryna Sokolova. Lamps above the reception are also her work.

    The orange box leaves the corridor, enters the lecture hall, and returns to the office behind the column as if connecting the locations with a thread of bright brand color. The lecture hall can be easily transformed depending on the circumstances and goals. The permanent format of the space is a recreational room with a tennis table, a library, and seating areas. A lecture hall is an on-demand format with the projector screen and chairs for listeners instead of a relax zone.

    The design of the meeting room is made in moderately warm tones. There is stainless steel on the walls, concrete blocks under the table, and warm wood on the floor to soften the rough mass. The storage cabinet at the window is made of stainless steel with a marble countertop. Luceplan web-lamps complement the space with an original combination and remind of the importance of cooperation and collaboration.

    The grayness of the stainless steel and legobrick panels on the walls in the kitchen are complemented by the bright coral chairs. The built-in kitchen depicts the company’s concept — just as Vartis cares about metal, their branded orange color frames stainless steel here. To accommodate everything needed, the coffee machine has moved to the tangent wall into a rectangle that fell out of the kitchen and expanded it.

    The design of the offices on the second floor is made in a white palette. Sometimes the whiteness is diluted by wooden panels and rails that create some wall dynamics. Accent minimalist lighting gives the space rhythm. Near the tables, there are glass boards that make the space deeper due to its mirror effect.

    Office of the general manager It is a light-filled space despite the gray concrete strip under the ceiling, black elements, and a gray-blue carpet. The L-shaped table is made of two wooden blocks stitched with black legs that protrude into the top of the table and unite two parts, symbolizing a willingness to listen and engage in constructive dialogue. The table is reloaded on a massive box with a leather insert. All communications are hidden in special slots and boxes. Above the table, there are tender flamingo lamps. The seating area is represented with a leather sofa and armchair. The functional cabinet divides the wall into masses and fills the space with minimalist details.

    Design: Illia Tovstonog Architects
    Design Team: Anton Siriak, Alexander Doykov, Julia Siriak
    Photography: Andrey Bezuglov