BIC Offices – Sofia

  • Client BIC,
  • size 23,681 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Sofia, Bulgaria,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • MoVe Architects have designed the BIC offices for their shared service center located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

    The first office of Societe BIC opened in Sofia, Bulgaria located in Tower B in May 2020. The design has been developed for 2 months and the project implemented for 3.

    The whole design process was a big challenge where the 3 teams managed by MoVe has to unite and complete all of their ideas in such a manner that show the culture of BIC. The final result incorporates the BIC valuables for “nice and simple”. In total the office is designed for almost 220 people with 2 relax/kitchen areas, reception area, management offices, collaboration areas and meeting rooms.

    The selected materials are showing their ruff beaty. The concrete is all natural, all of the installations are visible and in strict order, the plywood is also showing the natural beaty and quality of the wood. The flooring surfaces are designed in such manner that you could easily navigate yourself to the different office locations. Meanwhile, the accent lighting is showing the important “staff” in it and moreover, we could also here the general lighting to it – it accents also the working places and the main corridors.

    The colour pallet and the office branding are covering the BIC guidelines and give the user the feeling of nice and cozy atmosphere, where the employees could work in comfort and pleasure.

    Design: MoVe Architects
    Lead Designer (BIC): Guillaume Coquet
    Photography: George Palov