Buy Me A Coffee Offices – Kozhikode

  • Client Buy Me A Coffee,
  • size 2,400 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Kozhikode, India,
  • Industry Coworking,
  • artystry was engaged by Buy Me A Coffee to design their new workspace and offices located in Kozhikode, India.

    Their vision of a stress-free workspace that reflect the young, energetic, and vibrant occupants to increase the artystry in much better environ was just one of their brief which was beyond conceptualization. Buy me a coffee is a workspace at Hilite Business Park for young tech aspirants considering unique architectural fabric in keeping with modern norms.

    Buy me a coffee stationed at third floor of Hilite Business Park covers total interior plain area premises of 2400 sq. ft. From the launch to the sundeck, the workspace was embellished with various indoor plants, not just with an aim to adorn, but also to boost positiveness as the plants are inherently quite peaceful in divergence with the rush and dust of the city.

    With working spaces such as privacy standing desks and face to face workspace, the motif has created its own uniqueness in a way or other. The elevated seats and the ottoman cushions are designed with a motive of a more relaxed working posture greatly inspired by European architecture.

    Various facilities such as gaming spot, pantry, brainstorming zone, resting room consist of twin levelled beds, restrooms, sundeck, mobile library gives more of an advantage to the interior.

    The designer has opted more of an open plan concept than that of fixed spatial plan. The open spatial arrangement has brought a flow to the interior and the idea of beyond the limits. The fixed spatial plan has been executed for the CEO office, engineers’ rooms and for conference room. The CEO office and the pantry are arranged in a way that the ingress to sundeck can be from both the rooms. The flooring and ceiling give out a raw and rustic feeling of unpretentious organic warmth.

    Design: artystry
    Photography: Justin Sebastian