Biba Offices – Gurugram

A space that lives and breathes the Biba brand, the use of color and fabric throughout their Gurugram offices are essential in reflecting the Indian ethnic fashion company's craft.

  • Client Biba,
  • size 50,000 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Gurugram, India,
  • Industry Fashion / Beauty,
  • Ultraconfidentiel Design completed the office space for Biba, an Indian ethnic fashion giant in Gurugram, India.

    The workplace is undergoing a radical transformation, especially after this terrible pandemic. Its simple essence of a production place is evolving, becoming more and more the body language of an organization with the aim of retaining talents, creating communities and representing the values of a company for new generations of employees.

    The new Biba Headquarters, designed by Ultraconfidentiel, is essentially this. Not only a space but a public place where users can move, meet and work in a team, breathing the Biba brand values in every corner.

    The complexity of requirements received from the client has been translated into a contemporary fluid space planning divided in two floors which tell a story in every detail of the project. The use of curved lines to define the volumes enhance the fluid feeling of the project, adding a human-scale feeling.

    For an Indian company focused on the production of ethnic garments, the use of color and fabric was fundamental. Warm colors linked to the territories and fabrics with locally-inspired patterns used as the background for meeting rooms with acoustic functionality as well, give to the project the perfect balance between both contemporaneity and historical influence at the same time.

    Ultraconfidentiel has designed the space such that the Biba Brand is literally present in every detail. The interesting and delicate shape of the logo has been used as a sensational pattern for the false ceiling of the welcoming area of both floors. An emotional space where lights play a major role, creating amazing shades which gives this impression of texture onto a very contemporary and seamless flooring. This brand-new Headquarters for Biba has been designed for people, to involve them in the vision of the company and working in a place to feel part of a strong community.

    Design: Ultraconfidentiel Design
    Photography: Kapill Kamra