The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal Offices – Montreal

The new office for The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal gives the organization a place to propel brave and innovative ideas for economic development in the city.

Metaphore design was trusted with the design of the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal offices located in Montreal, Canada.

The mission of The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal is to be the voice of the Montreal business community and to act for the prosperity of businesses and the city. The Chamber is involved in key sectors of economic development by promoting a philosophy of action based on credibility, proactivity, collaboration and forward thinking. Centred primarily on its commitment as an actor and leader in the Montreal business community, the concept of the CCMM’s spaces sought to reflect the pride of its collaborators and its spirit of cooperation.

The historical character of the building as well as its connection to the metropolitan area has allowed the CCMM to constantly evolve over the years and thus become a place that propels brave and innovative ideas. The symmetrical reception as well as the logo suspended from the ceiling proudly project the accessibility and presence of the institution. From the start, the space expresses a refined, chic and professional concept. The work spaces offer a diverse range of enclaves and collaboration areas to meet the different tasks to be accomplished by the CCMM teams. The neutral and uncluttered board rooms support the commitment of the management team to professionalism and clear strategies for the future.

Overall, the concept enables CCMM to proudly exhibit their successful economic development, both in Montreal and internationally.

Design: Metaphore design
Photography: David Boyer Photographe