Bates White Economic Consulting Offices – Washington DC

HYL Architecture was tasked with the office design of Bates White Economic Consulting located in Washington DC.

Bates White was interested in developing their corporate image and branding through architecture and were searching for an architect that could not only fulfill these requirements but exceed them; efficiently. Their culture is heavily reliant on collaborative spaces that are both private and open. This resulted in the development of a robust working lounge featuring high panel seating pods set in an educational study hall format, enclosed informal lounge meeting rooms, and enclosed shared offices for prolonged project team sessions, all of which have access to natural light. Keeping employee satisfaction at their forefront, They provided height adjustable surfaces for all staff, ergonomic task seating, and a private locker room in their concourse level.

Additionally, They integrated an interconnecting stair in order to encourage intermingling among the two floors. The main Café, located at the top of the stairs, houses a pool table, and bar height seating. As you head down the steps to the lower floor, you are greeted by the library that has several different furniture configurations. Using a mix of materials, ranging from medium toned reconstituted walnut veneer to light stone-like porcelain tile, the design palette is kept neutral which allows for the corporate branding, designed by HYL, to be a focal point and opportunity for them to display their core values through art and graphics.

Design: HYL Architecture
Design Team: Catherine Heath, Antony Yen, William Fischer, Tyler Haley, John Stovall
Photography: Garrett Rowland