Unibet Offices – Sydney

  • Client Unibet,
  • size 23,681 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Sydney, Australia,
  • Industry Gaming,
  • Futurespace has accomplished the design of the Unibet offices, an online gambling company, located in Sydney, Australia.

    For global organisation Unibet (part of the Kindred Group), a vibrant community united by a passion for the sporting industry is at the heart of the business. Futurespace’s design blends social spaces with collaborative work settings and an open trading floor to enhance a sense of togetherness between members of the organisation and its clients.

    Social connectivity is key to the design concept; spaces that inspire, motivate and help foster relationships are at the core of our approach to this environment. A ‘gaming precinct’ with a twelve-meter putting green, dedicated table tennis and dartboard, create a balance between work and play. The large-scale backlit stadium graphic incorporated in the breakout area creates depth and reflects the high energy and pace of the business. Within the trading and workspaces, floor to ceiling sporting artwork creates a sense of common purpose; celebrating a “love of the game”.

    Driven by Unibet’s need to collaborate, a variety of work settings, including sit to stand workstations, digitally enabled meeting points and formal meeting rooms, are strategically incorporated close to the trading floor. The technology overlay is important for the online nature of their business; ceiling mounted TV screens provide real time data for the team. The result is a space that enables Unibet’s people to foster relationships through work and play.

    Design: Futurespace
    Design Team: Michele Di Giorgio, Maggie McFadyen, Rowel Abdallah
    Photography: Toby Peet