Neuca Offices – Toruń

Neuca has moved into their unique office, a people-friendly, flexible and activity-based workplace for the pharmaceutical company's location in Torún.

  • Client Neuca,
  • size 199,132 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Toruń, Poland,
  • Industry Healthcare,
  • Massive Design has imagined the interior design of the modern Neuca offices, the leading wholesale distributor of pharmaceuticals, located in Toruń, Poland.

    With the cooperation of the Grupa Projektowa Port as a building architect and WSP as MEP designers, Massive Design prepared the 18 500 square meters space for 1 500 people working in the headquarters in Toruń, Poland. Compared to other similar projects, the interior designers were introduced to the process on very early stage so they could have an actual effect on the shape and functionality of the building.

    From the beginning, Neuca was interested in creating special design, unique in scale and form for its building lobby. 16 meters high atrium is topped with several skylights bringing the daylight inside the building. The lobby is accessible for all Neuca guests and contains common break-out areas for office workers so they could share the space, meet each other and bring more of “creative collisions”. This central part of the office building is also connected with canteen and Neuca’s Conference Centre located in the next building.

    The office area was designed to meet all the requirements – it is a people-friendly, flexible and activity based workspace. As Neuca is very dynamic company, the layout of the office needed to be prone to changes. This is why most of the conference and storage/archive rooms are located in the central parts of the plan and create no disruptions to the creative open space areas with movable booths as a part of its furniture equipment.

    Thanks to this approach Grupa Neuca has a fully flexible office and glorious building lobby.

    Design: Massive Design
    Contractor: Erbud
    Photography: Fotomohito, M Pro Studio