The Ministry of Culture & Knowledge Development Offices – Dubai

The Ministry of Culture & Knowledge Development sought government offices to inspire visiting guests and occupants while reflecting the local community of Dubai.

Swiss Bureau Interior Design & Build has realized the design of The Ministry of Culture & Knowledge Development offices located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The Ministry of Culture & Knowledge Development works to enrich the cultural sector creatively and innovatively. The brief called for a celebration of local culture and community to be visible within their new government office – underlying the importance of how creativity shapes our current workspace. Its enduring interiors is a design-driven environment intended to inspire its occupants and visitors.

Our concept is inspired by the enduring local craftsmanship of Al Sadu weaving. The Talli Embroidery, a traditional Emirati craft first made by the Bedouins, forms the space’s architecture. Deconstructed elements of the Talli and Musada create a pathway towards the office’s adjacent areas while acting as connective passages for the space. These elements form the pattern in its transition of being woven and represent the nature of this craft, intertwining various aspects of Emirati culture together.

A stylish, contemporary design is adorned with sophisticated details to maintain a high-end and professional atmosphere bound by an artistic edge. The workspaces have a playful balance between collaboration areas and focus spaces, enabling users to connect and concentrate on work when needed.

The resulting design encapsulates refined elegance, mixed with an earthy heritage visualized through warm woods juxtaposed with clean concrete finishing and textures. A rich material palette brings depth to the design and provides a warm and welcoming environment for people to connect and collaborate.

Design: Swiss Bureau Interior Design & Build
Design Team: Zoe Victoria Allen, Mena Ahmed, Abeer Zaidi, Ilija Janicijevic
Photography: Bahr Al Karim