Offices – Guatemala City

  • Client,
  • size 5,382 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Guatemala City, Guatemala,
  • Industry Film / Media / Publishing,
  • Taller ACÁ has achieved the office design for communications platform,, located in Guatemala City, Guatemala. is a positive-content communications platform made up of an energetic and visionary team that designed its workspace with the aim of providing a work environment worthy of its trademark and work culture. The existing two-story structure consists of exposed concrete with touches of color, light and vegetation that provide strength and identity to the project without affecting its spaciousness.

    The offices are organized on two levels, each with a large, collaborative, open office area. There is also space for private offices, a flexible dining area/juice bar, meeting rooms, break rooms and a recording booth. The open office configuration combined with private spaces enhances the relationship and workflow within the team members while providing privacy when required.

    The vibrant color interventions reflect the culture and allude to the different media categories employed, adding character and distinction to each. These colorful spaces are combined with white walls that host temporary art exhibitions for emerging national artists. The exposed concrete and installations are visible while the furniture is light and flexible to adapt to the different group activities carried out in the office.

    The project is a result of preserving the positive aspects of the existing space, while enhancing and combining them with the energy of a young team and their need for a flexible environment adapted to their working culture.

    Design: Taller ACÁ
    Photography: Topofilia Studio