The John Buck Company Offices – Chicago

The John Buck Company's new workplace celebrates growth yet expresses their progressive outlook toward the future as a premier real estate company in the Chicago area.

  • Client The John Buck Company,
  • size 15,000 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Chicago, Illinois, United States,
  • Industry Real Estate Services,
  • Lamar Johnson Collaborative was tasked with the design of The John Buck Company offices, a real estate developer located in Chicago, Illinois.

    The John Buck Company, a premier real estate company that evolved from the developer that transformed Chicago’s Wacker Drive and Michigan Avenue to become a national development, investment, and asset management firm, needed a new workplace that celebrates their company’s growth yet expresses their progressive outlook toward the future.

    The reception and conference experience are conceived as gallery space, creating a dialogue between art, artifact, and architecture. Our client’s curated art pieces are framed within refined, yet dynamic architectural expression and detail inspired by The John Buck Company’s iconic buildings and progression toward the future.

    While the conference rooms’ intended use is for confidential client meetings, the art gallery and work lounge café are physically connected to invite transparency and interaction for both staff and guests. A digital 180-degree pivot panel acts as a fulcrum between conference and work lounge. This panel can be easily positioned closed to greet guests acting as a visual divider or pivot into the open position allowing the conference gallery and work lounge open concept feel for day-to-day interaction and sizeable hospitality gatherings.

    The design team worked closely with The John Buck Company to develop a workspace that balances individual work while encouraging collaboration when desired. A variety of collaborative and meeting spaces were planned away from workstations to encourage interaction, promoting wellness, and providing flexible choices for team members.

    The John Buck Company’s new office is located low in the building stack, allowing people to visually connect to the energetic street activity on Franklin Street and Randolph Street below. Regardless of location, the environment supports an intuitive technology interface connected to the building’s robust digital platform, allowing both individuals and teams to create the perfect working experience.

    Design: Lamar Johnson Collaborative
    Photography: Hall + Merrick Photographers