Crocs Offices – Broomfield

A workplace to put employees at ease, the Broomfield offices of Crocs reflect the accessibility and relaxed-nature of the comfortable foam clog manufacturer.

  • Client Crocs,
  • size 90,000 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Broomfield, Colorado, United States,
  • Industry Fashion / Beauty,
  • Venture Architecture was trusted with the design of the Crocs offices, the shoe manufacturing company, located in Broomfield, Colorado.

    Crocs is a global company with multiple corporate offices worldwide. The organization is complex and the demands for different departments are wide-ranging. Coming from an out- of-the-way, cramped business park address with not enough space for both employees and shoes, Crocs asked us to craft an open, light-filled space in Broomfield where their creative teams could thrive while also accommodating the complex business functions and privacy needed in such a competitive industry. We set out to create a dynamic and interesting space that kept the company’s product on everyone’s mind but not in their laps, no matter where they were seated. We started calling it ‘A Home for Work’ – a place that is comfortable, casual, and makes people feel at ease. A place where their people want to come every day and do their best work.

    We were given a blank canvas of an untouched, nearly 90,000-square-foot industrial flex core and shell building with 20-foot ceilings, skylights, and an uninterrupted 360-degree panorama of storefront views to the outside in which to work. We capitalized on the windows to provide equal daylight to every employee and harnessed the building length to create interesting corporate ‘neighborhoods’ throughout the building. As there was no true backside of the building, equal attention was paid to each side of the building, and while there is a main entrance and reception, each department has varied amenities – huddle spaces, open gathering areas, coffee counters, as well as architectural details that make each and every area special and ensure the entire space is well-integrated. Much of the core and shell were left untouched in order to maximize the volume and daylighting. Then we put great care into the lighting and mechanical systems to ensure they were run in a manner that added architectural interest and highlighted the exposed structure while concentrating on the layout of the departments and in-board offices to break up large expanses of open office and allow for cross-departmental collaboration.

    At the end of the day, we were not interested in giving Crocs a big trendy warehouse in which to conduct business, we instead sought to interpret their company, culture and product architecturally. They love their fun and delightfully comfortable product. Every member of their staff wears Crocs. Every day. (We witnessed it.) From punchy platform clogs to the more understated athleisure sneakers, these people love this company and it shows in the choices they make. We fought hard to give them a beautiful and high-tech space, but one that still fees accessible and relaxed so that for the duration of their 10-year lease, they will be able to grow and develop as a brand entirely supported by the architecture of their space.

    Design: Venture Architecture
    Construction: i2 Construction
    Photography: Caleb Tkach