Lufthansa Offices – São Paulo

Lufthansa's São Paulo location has a mix of open office and traditional spaces inspired by the industrial language and craft of hangars and airplanes, a creative space for the global travel giant.

  • Client Lufthansa,
  • size 6,996 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Sao Paulo, Brazil,
  • Industry Travel,
  • AFGR Arquitetos designed the Lufthansa offices with employee wellbeing and functionality in mind in São Paulo, Brazil.

    We bid for the closed architectural competition of new Lufthansa’s office in São Paulo and to be chosen as the winning project, we designed a mix of open office and traditional spaces.

    We took advantage of the height and the big windows of the building to make the office a light place even with a dark blue paint at the concrete ceiling.

    The usage of an industrial language was preferred so we could bring the memory of the airplane and hangar materials. We designed a room that looks like a container and left all the installations ducts outwards.

    On the briefing, Lufthansa’s asked for an office bleacher seating, so we design one with mix uses: stairs to the mezzanine, training room, living, day by day word and a storage underneath.

    Near the balcony, we designed the call pods, in front of a tree that it’s the preferred spot of employees. The biophilic study was considerate to provide an friendly atmosphere to the office.

    The splitting of spaces was fundamental for the development of the project, it helped to define where we would use the open space concept and where we would have more closed spaces. As the company rented the four rooms on the floor, we were able to unify the entire slab, but the reception and elevator hall ended up dividing the entire office.

    We defined the financial, administrative and human resources areas on the left side of the plant. There, we do not work with an open concept, as this was not the profile of the employees in this function. Separated by the rooms of two managers, we allocate marketing, this in an open concept.

    On the right side is the entire sales and social area of ​​the office, both accept the open concept. The idea of ​​putting together in this place was to keep it close to the existing balcony, making it possible to integrate all these spaces in the event of socializing.

    The mezzanine was used for meeting rooms, a dressing room and also for a specific sector of the company called Lufthansa Systems.

    Design: AFGR Arquitetos
    Design Team: Aiê Tombolato, Fabio Frutoso, Glauco Vitor Dias, Renato Mendonça
    Photography: Mariana Orsi