Huya Offices – Guangzhou

  • Client Huya,
  • size 36,597 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Guangzhou, China,
  • Industry Gaming, Technology,
  • Gensler was trusted with the design of the Huya offices located in Guangzhou, China.

    Designed to be energetic, inspiring, collaborative and young-hearted, this multifaceted experience center integrates tech, entertainment and social experiences to connect brand & culture to the end-users.

    Huya Inc. China’s number one game & lifestyle live-streaming platform partnered with Gensler to design their exhibition and executive floor atop their new Guangzhou Headquarters in Times E-Park. The 3400-sqm space, spanning the top two floors of the building, aims at creating an engaged, interactive and immersive environment, that connects employees to the brand and is representative of China’s young generation and how they experience the Huya platform.

    A Multifaceted Experience Center
    The 14th floor houses the Huya experience center which hosts a multitude of events and visitors. From job candidates, to investors and government official visits to online broadcasts and e-sports events with the Huya community, the space is laid out to accommodate a variety of activities simultaneously.

    Upon arrival visitors are greeted by a central stage with a suspended video wall which is the centerpiece of the floor and enables interaction, celebration and healthy competition. The length of the floor is split by long stepped seating focused on the central stage. The opposite side integrates the reception desk and casual seating to receive and greet visitors, with the backdrop of a brand wall displaying Huya awards, history and company milestones that connects visitors and employees with the brand from the moment they arrive in the space.

    The Social Experience
    The Huya Café was designed for more human and intimate connection, a destination for the executive team to meet with the Huya teams, clients, and partners in a casual setting, as opposed to the executive VIP dining and tearoom on the floor above. This is a place for unplugging from technology with focus on the social experience and serendipitous encounters that build comradery and sometimes lead to innovation.

    Embedded Tech
    The integration of technology in the built environment was a big objective in the design of the space. From the suspended monitor wall at Central Stage to the 20 monitors greeting visitors at the reception, live-streaming gamers from the Huya community in real-time, technology was used to create an immersive experience and connect the brand to the physical environment.

    Visitors are also welcomed to experience the Huya product by having real time interactions with the Huya community through monitors installed near the Center Stage. Additionally, through the design of experience pod- a semi-enclosed round room with digital glass showcasing animated graphics and logos – visitors are welcomed to experience interactive VR games.

    Design: Gensler
    Photography: Matthew Stephenson