Porsche Offices – Sofia

  • Client Porsche,
  • size 12,917 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Sofia, Bulgaria,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • SOFT CASE STUDIO and Kman Studio designed the offices for iconic car manufacturer, Porsche, located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

    Porsche BG is a subsidiary of the Austrian Holding Porsche Salzburg, one of the largest European new car companies with headquarters in Austria, created by the legendary Porsche and Piech families. The company has offices in more than 20 countries in Central and Southeast Europe, including China, Colombia and Chile.

    Driven by Excellence is the philosophy of Porsche, as well as the inspiration of the design concept for its new Sofia office located in the biggest Business District in the capital, spans an entire area of 1200 square meter.

    SOFT CASE Studio in collaboration with Kman Studio carefully carried the philosophy of the brand into the interior design through architectural elements: use of glass partitions to suggest transparency, eco-friendly materials, custom-made furniture and lighting elements are used to create a comfortable environment adapted to the company’s needs.

    Vibrant color interventions in some interior elements are used to represent each brand department, adding character and distinction to each. Custom-made parametric slats in departments are used to allow light and views in for all the staff but the right quantity of privacy from the hallway.

    This design supports the mission of creating a contemporary work environment that promotes people to work at an exceptional level.

    Design: SOFT CASE STUDIO and Kman Studio
    Photography: Minko Minev