Trefilia Capital Offices – San Pedro Garza García

  • Client Trefilia Capital,
  • size 6,458 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location San Pedro Garza García, Mexico,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • Ofis Design recently accomplished the design of the Trefilia Capital offices, an investment company located in San Pedro Garza García, Mexico.

    Our goal was to merge two different spaces. A family office and an operation site, coming together for a unique design that marks a union between a classic look and contemporary design.

    Ofis Design took the challenge of designing the new offices for Trefilia Capital, located in Torre Sofia in the district of San Pedro.

    Trefilia Capital is a single family office that has a portfolio of both direct investments and investments in VC and P/E funds. Sectorial interests include, but is not limited to, Consumer Products, Financial Institutions and Hospitality.

    For this project, we maximized amenities, not only to solve everyday activities, but to inspire users to innovate in their field. Creating a new way to communicate and work inside the company, thinking about the future and how they will embrace challenges that come along the way.

    Finishing was a very important part, the use of different woods between the family area and the operation site delimited both spaces in a very subtle way, as well as helped to create a more welcoming environment. We find a balance incorporating the use of neutral and elegant finishes, open areas with glass walls and semi-solid walls with colorful and local art. Transmitting the company’s values through design, Trefilia is ready to welcome new generations and future growth.

    Design: Ofis Design
    Design Team: Alina Sanchez, Alejandro Heredia, Juan Pablo Hernandez, Beatriz Sansores
    Photography: German y Gerardo