BFR Accountants Offices – Laval

  • Client BFR Accountants,
  • size 12,000 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Laval, Canada,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • Folio Design recently achieved the office design for BFR Accountants, a professional firm located in Laval, Canada.

    This project introduced some interesting design challenges since the mandate was to entirely rethink the way the company worked. A very forward thinking accounting firm hoped to change the way their employees and clients used the spaces and create a sense of belonging. Although the company is reputed, their attitude towards their offices was very casual. Aesthetically combining the solemnity of the accounting profession with a young and laid-back atmosphere also created interesting opportunities for design.

    A tangible connection between the design and the company’s brand image pulls the space together. The material choice was thoroughly considered to evoke certain ideas from the first step into the space all the way through. The imposing material choice was intentional, knowing that it would create a strong reaction, but also that it would age well and was timeless. After much deliberation, we strongly believe the choices we made are entirely in line with the client’s mandate. Firstly, black is used throughout the space, representing strength, stability and formality, which are all sought after within the realm of accounting. Next, the use of rich wood to separate and envelope the client spaces offer a sense of richness and comfort. We spent countless hours choosing just the right tone for the wood, to ensure it felt timeless yet current. Lastly, the use concrete within the space used as a symbol of innovation and modernity. We knew that the concrete would tie the space together and keep it feeling fresh and very current, but pairing it with the noble wood grains would make it feel appropriate for the setting.

    One of the aspects where we allowed ourselves to be more literal was the lighting : we designed the lighting theme to represent mathematics, with multiplication X’s and division slashes to guide the user through the space.

    Design: Folio Design
    Photography: Sophie Doyon