Fontworks Inc. Creative Lab Offices – Fukuoka

  • Client Fontworks Inc.,
  • size 4,305 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Fukuoka, Japan,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services,
  • PRISM DESIGN was given the task of renovating the Fontworks Inc. Creative Lab offices in Fukuoka, Japan.

    Fontworks have formulated a company tag line called “Character More Freely”. In addition to creating a typeface that is optimal for the environment in which characters are displayed, it is essential to develop technologies that take into account the environment of the customer being used. Even in the Fukuoka Creative Lab, they have set keywords such as “Fusion of analog and digital”, “fusion of creative and engineering”, “work while playing”, and “collaboration among employees” so that we can embody “Character More Freely”.

    An initial C -shaped that is common to keywords such as “Creative and Collaboration” that are necessary for a new office environment, C shape imagine Landolt-C, we are make a sequence by making C continuous. Inspired by this, we are making zoning, structure and Identity etc.

    At the entrance area, Design Verification zone that can be used together with breaks, and a space for casual communication with people the company was created while ensuring operational security.

    There are several area, including a spacious work desk that encourages free thinking and a area that is ideal for relaxing personal work space. Designed to select a location according to the mindset.

    In addition, a large display that is always connected to Tokyo Head office is installed in the center of the wall to enable active communication between the two sites in online.

    The characters have changed from hand draft typefaces to digital fonts with the times, but both co-exist without changing.

    Analog and digital, Traditional and new technologies etc, circumstances change, but the essence does not change.

    PRISM DESIGN considers the essence of making and expressed office space, Fontworks identifies the trends of all things, ancient and modern east and west, and creates new characters with free ideas.

    Design: PRISM DESIGN
    Photography: Katsumi Hirabayashi