Equitas Capital Partners Offices – Manchester

Oktra was trusted with the design of the Equitas Capital Partners offices, an international asset management firm, located in Manchester, England.

In line with their strong company culture of setting industry standards, leading mergers and acquisitions specialists Equitas Capital Partners approached Oktra wanting a new Manchester-based flagship office, capable of both bringing the best of their other global office environments and evolving to that next step. Having come to Oktra with a space already refurbished to a Cat A standard, they were looking for Oktra’s guidance in shaping it to reflect their values and prioritising both visitor and employee experiences.

Maintaining communication with key stakeholders, and armed with Oktra’s thorough research and understanding of the building and its surrounding area, the Oktra team set to work. They created two fully glazed elevations, centring client experience and staff wellbeing with access to stunning views and plenty of natural light, and introduced locally-inspired artwork to fully root the office in its habitat. Oktra also incorporated biophilic elements and multiple pockets of breakout space to encourage employees to aspire to a high-quality working life.

Oktra curated the space for a premium feel, featuring careful material selection and bespoke joinery pieces, while still encouraging Equitas Capital Partners to custom-dress the space and make it their own. Interspersing focused workspace alongside meeting and client space provides both privacy and openness throughout the office space, while sheer voiles offer the flexibility to increase screening as desired, without generating a feeling of enclosure. Oktra were pleased to work with Equitas Capital Partners on this project, and ultimately to create a fit out that manifests their ethos of a culture of higher standards.

Design: Oktra
Photography: Rick McCullagh