ES Group Offices – Istanbul

  • Client ES Group,
  • size 6,566 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Istanbul, Turkey,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services,
  • goconcept recently accomplished the design of the ES Group offices located in Istanbul, Turkey.

    From the first entrance area of ​​the office, the feeling of marble texture has spread throughout the office area. Office glass partition systems are designed as transparent as possible. In addition, for ground surfaces of the working area, office carpets were preferred to have ergonomic floors except the ground surfaces of executive rooms. Transparent dividers has given us the opportunity to separate materials of corridor and office floors and highlight the contrast between marble and office carpet.

    Although there are natural materials in the design concept, effective visuals have been obtained by also using the materials with different textures. The meeting room walls are sized with lights, horizontal and vertical lines and the materials that are used. Thus, visual mobility within the area was provided and the effect was increased. Red which is company corporate color is emphasized in the details within the general line of the office.

    Everyone in the office will be able to feel this detail. All office is controlled by office automation systems. Thus, modern, effective, ergonomic and technological meaning has been added. In addition, it is aimed to save energy with efficiency by this automation systems. Executive rooms are individually designed according to the user’s title and purpose of usage.

    Soft but assertive colors, forms and textures are preferred in the executive rooms. While these rooms are being designed, the general concept of the office has not been denied. It is sticked to office design by following the lines and understanding. For executives special dressing room and wc were built in their rooms. Doors of these areas are hidden in wall coverings. By this design the integrity in the office area is being caught. The purpose of office design, in which quality materials are integrated with appropriate forms and textures, is to create useful, quality and effective working and living spaces.

    Design: goconcept
    Photography: courtesy of goconcept