Schneider Electric Offices – İzmir

The soul of Schneider Electric's individuality and brand identity are unveiled in the dynamic design for the French automation digital solutions company's location in Izmir.

  • Client Schneider Electric,
  • size 10,279 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Izmir, Turkey,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • Studio 13 Architects was tasked with giving the new Schneider Electric offices a striking and comfortable feel in Izmir, Turkey.

    Inspired by Schneider Electric individuality and rich brand identity we tried to create an open office space that would be special and very characteristic, showing the soul of the company. According to Schneider’s motto ‘’Life is On’’ , interior design is dynamic and natural with green accents.

    About layout, we divide the space into zones and aimed that all departments have their own work habitat. These areas include writable surfaces, brainstorming areas, informal meeting spaces, and workstation areas with storage spaces.

    The informal seating areas designed between the workstations will be used for both
    relaxation and quick meetings. In the customer zone, we designed digital walls and amphi seating space especially for presentations to clients.

    Provide an efficient acoustic isolation for open office area is a challenge. We use acoustic baffles on the ceilings to prevent unwanted noise. Custom-made baffles are produced by Feltouch Acoustics.

    From sustainability to better acoustics, carpet tiles offer a wide range of advantages over other flooring methods. We work with Modulyss Carpet for all the flooring works.

    We designed a partially open ceiling but used metal mesh to create more dynamic spaces. Metal mesh Works produced by “Deckon”.

    About furniture, we worked with Nurus Office Furnitures but also designed and produced many custom furniture for this project.

    Design: Studio 13 Architects
    Photography: İbrahim Özbunar