Gensler Offices – Houston

The Gensler office relocation to Houston Center provides a blank canvas and fresh perspective, as well as an immersive experience for clients, staff and visitors of the global design and architecture firm.

  • Client Gensler,
  • size 46,000 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Houston, Texas, United States,
  • Industry Architecture Firm, Design,
  • Gensler ushered in a new era in the cutting-edge design for their offices in Houston, Texas.

    The design of the office is a real representation of the firm’s history and strength in Houston — showcasing the full spectrum of project types, practice areas, and clients.

    The transformation represents a shift from a traditional workplace-focused office into a far more multi-dimensional and interdisciplinary practice. The result is an environment that supports and harnesses Gensler Houston’s dynamic, boundary-pushing energy. The office embraces the full range of work styles required by the creative process, enhancing collaboration and innovation. This shift is bolstered by Gensler’s repositioning of 2 Houston Center itself, linking the office with public space in the building, which supports a more collaborative, mobile, and progressive workflow.

    Consolidating all technical staff onto one floor supports new ways of working, including a unique co-lab model, which creates communities of like-minded and complementary studios that form a hub to exchange ideas and knowledge. Natural cross-pollination of ideas and inspiration occurs naturally through conversations and relationships filtering throughout this organic, accessible space.

    An expanded Design Library cleverly creates various meeting spaces while enhanced technology is available in lounge-furnished “cabanas” for informal group meetings and other gathering areas dispersed throughout the office. Direct access to a landscaped outdoor terrace, equipped with Wi-Fi and speakers, presents alternative work and meeting spaces. This prized amenity is one aspect of the design that emphasizes employee health and wellness; other elements that focus on sustainability help to achieve LEED credentials.

    Bold structural columns and cross-bracing beams from the base building are balanced with a palette of richly textured, gradating blacks and whites. The office layout takes full advantage of an irregular building floorplate and split core, overcoming challenges to blossom in new ways. The space is visceral and tactile, celebrating the craft of design intuitively and organically.

    Most excitingly, the new office is a true design lab. The Library, Maker Space, and VR Room are all on full display by the reception to make visible Gensler Houston’s identity as innovators and change-makers.

    Design: Gensler
    Photography: Juliana Franco, Grant Gay