Ninetynine Offices – Amsterdam

  • Client Ninetynine,
  • size 807 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Amsterdam, Netherlands,
  • Industry Design,
  • Ninetynine created a space to reflect their way of working in the design of their offices located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

    By mapping our main activities and dividing them throughout the space, we created a clear division between the area where “stuff gets done” and the area where the creative process takes place. We designed bespoke furniture items to help us to organise the daily balancing act between creating and organising, pushing boundaries and making things happen.

    The office is located in a large former hospital in the centre of Amsterdam. The unit itself is 75sqm, including a 30sqm mezzanine, and is flooded with natural light. The work zone is situated on the base level with a 6-person work island, while the creating area on the mezzanine combines the material library, meeting table and soft seating.

    A bespoke sideboard with 100 trays along the wall underneath the mezzanine floor organises and displays evolving material palettes and drawing sets of all on-going projects. The thin hardboard tray carry the material boards, making it easy to move them around.

    The mezzanine’s steel structure is part of the unit’s architecture. The newly built staircase made of plywood connects not only both levels but also combines functions such as storage, a closet and the printing station. A low podium that connects the staircase sculpture to the main space has become our preferred area to sit and discuss.

    The colour scheme of the design is as neutral as possible to act as a white canvas to the designs yet to be created. To brighten up the shades of grey, we introduced the “green box”. Positioned underneath the mezzanine it contains a bookshelf to display our sources of inspiration, while hiding functions like the main storage and pantry at the same time. To counter the huge amount of natural light, we arranged a cluster of paper shade lamps that create a warm, moody light scheme.

    Design: Ninetynine
    Contractor: Roord Binnenbouw
    Photography: Ewout Huibers