Anteus Constructora Offices – Zapopan

  • Client Anteus Constructora,
  • size 27,663 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Zapopan, Mexico,
  • Industry Construction / Engineering,
  • Ricardo Yslas Gámez Arquitectos recently achieved the office design for Anteus Constructora, a building firm, located in Zapopan, Mexico.

    Located to the outskirts of Zapopan, Mexico, this project consists of the headquarters for Anteus Constructora -an iconic local construction company-, which are integrated into the company’s prefabrication plant. The 1,880-square-meter building is developed within a six hectares plot.

    With the aim to design a complex that represented the company, both in its quality and processes, we use in-house construction systems and materials, such as: post-enslated slabs, pre-tightened slabs, self-compacting concrete, tilt-up walls and pre-cast lattices, complemented with an adequate use of concrete details and finishes.

    Our goal was to develop a two-story office building, exalted both outside and inside by its rough textures and volumetric shapes. Inside, the concrete walls and structures have been left exposed, helping to create a cool and shaded spaces illuminated by large skylights. The core of the project is dominated by a double-height central patio that features a huge tree -which allows sunlight entrance and natural ventilation-, along with a large staircase surrounded by a crystal box and concrete lattices.

    Considering the type of project, we opted to design opened workspaces arranged around the patio, allowing the employees interaction, being the furniture and materials themselves the ones that divides the working areas. The inner structure and open plan configuration create various possibilities for a flexible working environment.

    Besides the use of concrete, we integrated woodworks above different spaces, in order to generate a game of textures and contrast of lights and shadows. By this way, we create a sober and contemporary atmosphere through the use of industrial and natural materials such as apparent concrete, wood, steel and glass.

    Outside the building, the user is invited to access through concrete walkers embraced by lattices and vegetation that isolates the employees from the industrial environment. The parking garage and walkers integrates filtering materials and systems such as local stone, gravel and permeable concrete.

    Considering the immediate context, the building was projected to become a reference to the urban and built landscape. Our premise was to develop a complex surrounded by local and low-water consumption vegetation, merging the manufacturing plant and corporate building into its arid landscape.

    In terms of sustainability, the project integrates passive concepts such as natural-cooling, daylight illumination and rain-water collection. Besides, all the systems and materials were manufactured in-situ, helping to reduce the building footprint and carbon emissions.

    Design: Ricardo Yslas Gámez Arquitectos
    Design Team: Rodrigo Espínola Fernández, Marcos Morales Facundo, Alejandro Beyer Contreras
    Photography: Jaime Navarro Soto