Sunac Offices – Taiyuan

  • Client SUNAC,
  • size 10,764 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Taiyuan, China,
  • Industry Real Estate Services,
  • W Studio has achieved the office design for Sunac, a major property developer, located in Taiyuan, China.

    How should Taiyuan Longcheng look like if to express a city via architecture and space? On the map, the plains, mountains and rivers not only clearly delineated the location of the city, but also shaped its character during the long historical changes. There is no winding and zigzag that belongs to small southern cities, and there is rarely a lingering warmth. Instead, here is more of the grandeur of the same strain, as well as the neat and simple urban character. Amidst the mountains and rivers, the building is also clear and distinct.

    In the space, straight lines and broken lines concisely outline different functional areas; large areas of material layout and decoration weaken unnecessary details; the alternation and change of black and white are like clear rhythms; artwork and landscape are the vitality between the city and the landscape.

    From the first floor to the second floor, W Studio abstractly designed a city nourished by mountains, rocks and rivers, and brought the city into an imaginative universe via the placement of artworks and unconventional structure.

    In the changes in structure, lines and colors, the space is as self-contained as the city.

    Design: W Studio
    Design Team: Hua Wei, Song Weihua, Zhao Panpan, Wang Limei, Li Xiangyan, Liu Qian, Li Meng, Bai Lan, Zan Xiangyu, Suo Li
    Photography: VIEW Architecture Photography