Jimdo Offices – Hamburg

  • Client Jimdo,
  • size 4,628 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Hamburg, Germany,
  • Industry Technology,
  • LAIK.DESIGN recently completed the office design of Jimdo, a website-builder, located in Hamburg, Germany.

    For the IT company Jimdo GmbH, located in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld, we created a new and diverse office base, which is designed for optimised workflows.

    The concept attaches great importance to self-sufficient office space, which atmosphere radiates peace and quiet for concentrated work, without letting the surroundings appear uncommunicative. With 430 square metres, the renovated old building offers structured yet open work areas for around 40 workplaces. The spatial concept is complemented by a large meeting room, a workshop area, that can be flexibly used for workshops, several small micro-meeting rooms, an inviting communal kitchen and a cosy retreat area.

    The entire design aims to represent a mixture of calm, concentration, dynamics, openness and cohesion.

    In addition to the harmonious colour composition and the sound-absorbing ceiling panels made of natural materials, the hot-dip galvanised aluminium profiles of the glass partitions are the main design element of the area. That is reflected in the entire design by means of many small details.

    Colour selection define work zones, dialogue rooms and creative areas so that various room concepts are generated. In addition, the simple yet inspiring design conveys a warm and professional atmosphere that meets the client’s needs.

    Design: LAIK.DESIGN
    Photography: Joseph Ruben Heicks