BECI Offices – Brussels

  • Client BECI,
  • size 4,844 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Brussels, Belgium,
  • Industry Non-Profit / Government,
  • Space Refinery has realized the office design for BECI, a partnership between the Chamber of Commerce and the Union of Enterprises, located in Brussels, Belgium.

    Together, they represent 35.000 companies, good for 65% of the employment in the Belgian capital. They provide advice and training to companies, defend their interests, and help them to grow their network. BECI approached us to completely redesign their office, a rather dark space with outdated furniture where the team was divided into different departments across the floor.

    Collaborating closely with the team, we designed a fresh, new environment that reflects their modern vision on business and supports new ways of working. The new workspace is bright & uplifting and draws inspiration from the strong connection between BECI and Brussels, as well as their notable location – just footsteps away from the Sonian forest. We intentionally blurred the boundaries between the inside and the outside to celebrate the surroundings and the city life. New floor-to-ceiling windows were installed, and the whole design is themed around nature and human interactions.

    Each area is designed for specific intentions and work activities. Some rooms are tucked away from the more dynamic parts of the floor and designed for focused work. The Secret Library, for instance, is accessed via a hidden door. Inside, we used soft carpet, deep colors, wood elements, and dimmed lighting, creating a perfect hide-out for deep work. The Control Room is in another corner of the floor. It’s designed for individual work that requires a plug & play external monitor.

    Other areas are all about collaboration, with a lot of natural light and energetic colors. For these rooms, we created pieces of furniture that bring people together, like the 10-meter long, curvy table in the Jungle. The tribune seating in the Agora serves that same purpose. The new experience was also designed with BECI’s visitors in mind. The Plaza features a coffee bar and sofa-benches to make guests feel at home as soon as they come in. A large video wall was also installed in that area to show everyone what’s being done to help companies in Brussels.

    No matter what your day looks like, here you’ll find the room you need for each task. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what the team says: “This new workspace finished convincing me to join BECI’s team. Being able to choose where I sit based on my needs & desires is simply awesome.” All in all, it’s an excellent tool to help the team foster business, entrepreneurship, and innovation in our beautiful city. Long live Brussels!

    Design: Space Refinery
    Photography: Thomas Noceto