Mercadona Offices – Valencia

  • Client Mercadona,
  • size 6,458 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Valencia, Spain,
  • Industry Food / Beverage,
  • Cristina Moya Arquitecta completed the Mercadona offices as an interactive space with seating and work options for employees of the supermarket chain in Valencia, Spain.

    Transformation of a floor in an existing office building to infuse the essence of Mercadona Online’s project. An area inside the company with a very dynamic project, set up by multifaceted teams developing their work with flexibility to changes and trying to do things in a new way.

    The purpose of the project is to transfer these principles on to the physical space creating a modern, creative and technological environment. At the same time the project looks to make people feel comfortable by creating a more welcoming and cosy space with a variety of informal workplaces. A luminous sign with an internal slogan is placed at the entrance to welcome workers. Under the sign a bench with wheels and stools allows a proactive use of this first area.

    The lay out design alternates proper work stations with other more informal and relaxed workplaces catering multiple working scenarios and breaking the continuity of the space. In between the classical work stations we placed open homy meeting areas with sofas, armchairs and puffs all facing outside overlooking the city views.

    Adaptable and mobile furniture elements are designed and used to separate the different spaces in a subtle and flexible way. This gives users the control of arranging the space to fit their needs at any moment.
    The mobile whiteboards are placed by the sofas allowing informal and unplanned seated or stand up meetings inspiring collaborative work and creative moments. A high level of transparency within the space and between teams supports communication, catalyzes interactions and creates a culture of empowered partnership.

    The use of neutral colors like wood, cement grey floor and wood chip ceilings contribute to the warmth and cosiness of the space. This neutrality is only broken by fresh and bright colours used on the sofas, armchairs, puffs and chairs making these stand out in the space.

    The project aims to grant the wellness of people with the presence of plants all over the space placing a continuous plant pot along all the facade.

    The lighting project provides a variety of lighting options and typologies which support the distinction and help identify the different spaces.

    The spaces around the office offer different seating options from more cosy ones to proactive ones, for team work or individual one, a variety of spots that adapt to different work styles and cultivate creative development.

    Design: Cristina Moya Arquitecta
    Photography: Alejandro Gómez