Qin Qin Food Offices – Shanghai

  • Client Qin Qin Food,
  • size 10,850 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Shanghai, China,
  • Industry Food / Beverage,
  • JYDP completed the design for the new offices of Qin Qin Food, a national snack brand, located in Shanghai, China.

    We ponder that the office should not only provide communication and work place for their expanding teams, but also incorporate with the brand’s philosophy – “better food, better life”. With the upgrading of Qin Qin brand, JYDP’s design draws inspirations from their new logo – “the smiling mouth”, and aspire to design an independent and shared space that the multi-functional office encompass. The ultimate goal is also to empower the business improvement of Qin Qin and deliver the humanity care embedded in the brand.

    JYDP takes cues from the graphic elements of “the smiling mouth” as inspirations- the two symmetrical circles representing the core of happiness, while in the office space, they mean an open and energetic corporation area; the curve line connecting the two circles in the middle is the “mouth”, which is the “bridge” for communication, while in the office space, it means a shared area for communication and co-working. Designers have applied the symbols of the graphic elements to the office layout, defining the whole space to the symmetrical left and right areas, and reasonably allocating into different departments. Additionally, the two circular areas situated in both sides form the pantries for people to relax, while the curve part in-between was planned to generate the reception and the corridor connecting the left and right sides. Several meeting rooms and conference rooms of different sizes are set up on both sides of the connecting corridor to meet the needs of various meetings and training. In the overall space, the lively red and the dotted graphics extracted from the brand’s VI are employed to unify the color pattern on all the details, creating a creative, dynamic, modern office space.

    When thinking about how to maximize the 1004 sqm space, to accommodate more than 180 people, the designers effectively divided the space to different areas with respective functions. The elevator hall has been decorated with Qin Qin’s significant patterns and logos on the perforated panel walls. The vague texture of the brand pattern is hidden in the red background, with the shadows of lighting strips from up and down. One can sense the consistency of the design when arriving at the reception which is also made of perforated panels through a glass door. The background wall was made of a perforated panel with dots of different sizes and densities, which graphically forms the perforated curve shape to extend the stereo perceptions of two layers. While in the circulation, the wall was designed to connect the left and right symmetrical walkways. The two triangle spaces formed symmetrically on one side of the corridor are set up with storage locker and used as an open discussion area. The fan-shaped space behind the background wall of the reception were designed with four small consecutive conference rooms. The space opposite the conference corridor by the window are planned as two training and meeting rooms which can be flexibly separated. The gradient red carpet of the corridor echoes the ceiling at the reception, and the curve design is also derived from the inspiration of Qin Qin’s new logo.

    Qin Qin Office is a creative corporate workplace with open and sharing space designed by JYDP in the context of quite a compact interior. Reasonable divisions, juxtaposed with unified design language enable the space to possess different layers and the overall coherence. With the graphic inspirations of “the smiling mouth”, the perforated panels, the lively red lighting strip and the customized pendant lights that were continuously used in the interior aimed to present a sophisticated ambient which is unique to Qin Qin. JYDP’s design also adhere to the brand’s philosophy – “constantly creating joyful and moving moments”, suitable for every user to experience different work accomplishments and daily life happiness.

    Design: JYDP
    Design Team: Michelle Sun, Leah Li, Shirley Wang
    Photography: Raitt Liu