RB Pharma Offices – Lisbon

A former enclosed warehouse with industrial character is now an open office concept with natural elements and a colorful palette for RB Pharma's location in Lisbon.

  • Client RB Pharma,
  • size 5,597 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Lisbon, Portugal,
  • Industry Healthcare,
  • Galant I.D. was tasked with bringing a dynamic environment to the RB Pharma offices located in Lisbon, Portugal.

    Yaroslav Galant (Galant I.D.lda studio) has finished work on the project for the office of RB Pharma, a company that specialises on finding individual solutions for distribution of hard-to-find medicines.

    The headquarters are situated in Lisbon in a two-storey former warehouse with a beautiful park across the road. The designers had to transform the 520m2 of industrial premises making the reconstruction and creating the design of the new space.

    One of the challenges we faced was to compensate for the lack of windows and daylight in almost all of the parts of the building. To create a comfortable territory for work and communication it was necessary to get rid of the feeling of enclosed space. To reach this goal the designers discarded the traditional solutions and opted for playful, visually multilayer but at the same time structured design. The atmosphere is formed by the rightly positioned sources of light, dynamic interaction of natural textures, 3D drawings on the wallpaper/walls, plants, saturated but natural color scheme that echoes the nearest park.

    Search area, head office, conference hall, auditorium for lectures and presentation, kitchen for employees and lounge zones were all joined in an open space divided by transparent glass barriers and visual accents. Taking into consideration all of the preferences of the contractor/client, the designers created a comfortable environment with high levels of flexibility and adaptivity.

    Design: Galant I.D.
    Photography: Alexander Bogorodskiy