Balluff Automation Offices – Turin

Located in a transforming part of Turin, Balluff Automation's new offices are architecturally considered to house the sensor technology company's interactions between their various departments.

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  • Client Balluff Automation,
  • size 16,146 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Turin, Italy,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • franco rosi and sm*s stefaniamicottistudio collaborated to design the offices of Balluff Automation, the leading sensor and automation specialist, located in Turin, Italy.

    The new headquarters of Balluff Automation Italia is located within the industrial area of Venaria Reale just outside Turin; an area undergoing transformation aimed at overcoming the exclusively productive character of the past, with the recent developments in sports, commercial and accommodation facilities. The building is a typical multi-storey industrial building built with a reinforced concrete structure and infill walls. prefabricated with ribbon windows along the entire perimeter.

    The space is conceived as a large horizontal “roof” in which the structures and systems are visible; a continuous space in which the volumes are articulated as in an urban exterior in which to move freely. On the ground floor, the reception opens onto the internal steel staircase which leads to the first floor where they are located; open space offices (total or partial), classrooms, exhibition space / broadcasting room, meeting rooms, open coffee / lounge area, storage connected to the laboratories and all support spaces.

    The impact and presence of these volumes; cubes, suspended parallelepipeds, the cylinder of the exhibition and multipurpose room and the horizontal and vertical planes that identify and screen the different areas, make the use of space fluid, but at the same time precise. The light, natural and artificial, combined with the structural grid and the volumes of these micro-architectures, determines precise visual connections that highlight the relationships between the parts through transitional spaces that act as glues of the same.

    The sensitivity towards the issues related to the transformations of the concept of space intended for work is addressed by the project avoiding easy and usual rhetoric on flexibility. We believe that precisely the presence of a legible and “precise” architectural and spatial device, in its being a measure and dimensioning of the adaptive capacities of everyday life; is able to articulate and promote the company’s approach to the new operational organization based on the interaction of the various departments.

    Design: franco rosi and sm*s stefaniamicottistudio
    Photography: Angelita Bonetti