Colegio Oficial de Gestores Administrativos Offices – Valencia

The space for Colegio de Gestores Administrativos was based on offering a new office concept for their centralized traffic services headquarters to better serve the population of Valencia.

Destudio Arquitectura designed a cozy office adapted for the needs of today for Colegio Oficial de Gestores Administrativos located in Valencia, Spain.

The premises from which we started had been renovated more than 20 years ago, so this project has been a challenge of innovation with the intention of improving their workspace and design a cozy office adapted to the needs of today.

The main objective has been to convey elegance and closeness through the contrast of noble materials such as wood, and more contemporary materials such as black profiles and microcement. We linked order and design by creating all the furniture to measure.

Through the exterior envelope we managed to capture the attention of managers and passers-by. Access is through a transition space, framed by a large lintel and accompanied by a large vertical garden that brings us closer to the most public space of the premises.

Wooden paneling in the interior, a microcement counter, a shelf that acts as a filter of the most private area, a large meeting room and a careful selection of furniture and lighting design; make the manager’s experience a 360º turn.

For the school staff, thermal comfort is improved by strategically placing the work tables and creating a vegetation skin that visually connects the interior space with the exterior.

In short, for this integral office renovation project in Valencia has managed to unify the space, providing harmony, closeness, comfort and design.

Design: Destudio Arquitectura
Photography: Germán Cabo