CO Creative Agency Offices – Istanbul

  • Client CO Creative Agency,
  • size 8,072 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Istanbul, Turkey,
  • Industry Film / Media / Publishing,
  • Sait Arslan Architects designed the open offices for CO Creative Agency, a digital services firm located on historical ruins in Istanbul, Turkey.

    CO creative agency aka XOXO the mag, offers digital creative agency services, event and production solutions and magazine publishing.

    The company has nearly 45 employees and the customers requested mostly an open plan for the main creative department.

    This building was built on historical ruins which were presumed as Ottoman Hammam. This new building was constructed in steel structure considering the remains. The former tennant covered the historic walls with gypsum drywalls. We wanted to combine the heritage with the new building so we uninstalled the drywalls. The old ruins were cleaned with restoration specialists in two weeks.

    We planned the space as an open office, administrational offices, accounting department, photographers hub, event area and the photo studio with the storage units. And also a small outdoor area used for events.

    The meeting room at the entrance hall can be transformed with sliding walls and can be added to the event area.

    The corridor has the tribune shaped stairs connecting the open office and the other areas, it is also used for the staff meetings and resting area. The neon sculpture leads the way to the photo studio. Flooring is micro cement coating which represents the contemporary look and plywood furnitures were selected to have unrefined feeling with the mirror details on top has the optical illusion.

    Design: Sait Arslan Architects
    Photography: Cem Taylan