Amadeus Offices – Bangkok

  • Client Amadeus,
  • size 10,000 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Bangkok, Thailand,
  • Industry Travel,
  • ID21 was tasked with the office redesign for leading travel technology company, Amadeus, located in Bangkok, Thailand.

    Amadeus wanted to update the space to meet their new corporate guidelines, as well as to optimise their usage of the space. The refurbished space now houses training rooms, open plan workstations, meeting rooms and shared spaces.

    Our design drew inspiration from organic forms, using curved and flowing lines in many aspects of the space. The sleek white curvatures and soft back-lighting are reminiscent of the design of aircraft cabins, creating a modern and futuristic look. Biophilic elements have also been incorporated into the space, to introduce a natural element into the workplace surroundings.

    The previous design has now been replaced with an open desking concept, with workstations along the window perimeter. A core was defined in the middle of the space, which houses a pantry, phone booths, meeting rooms and utility spaces. A spine now wraps around the outer circumference of this core, to delineate a clear pathway. Employees are now able to easily view the city landscape from the meeting rooms, while the planters act as natural privacy screens for users at the workstations.

    For the pantry, distinct local elements were incorporated into the design. Ideas were taken from the Bangkok night market scene by using the ubiquitous tuk-tuk, as the centrepiece of the space. Exposed ceilings, as well as warm hues used for the walls and furnishings, characterise this space to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

    Design: ID21
    Photography: courtesy of ID21