Cunningham Recreation Offices – Charlotte

  • Client Cunningham Recreation,
  • size 5,850 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Charlotte, North Carolina, United States,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • Ossa Studio designed the one story offices for Cunningham Recreation, a full-service supplier of commercial playgrounds, located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

    The design concept for the building was born at the intersection of 3 main ideas.

    1. The Client: A 50-year family-owned business making a statement through the architecture of the legacy and hard work that is propelling the new generation to continue the mission. The North Carolina vernacular architecture of tobacco farms was used for generations to provide shelter for hard-working families, the new building takes inspiration from these simple gabled structures wrapped in wood siding generating a modern interpretation of the local history of family businesses.

    2. The Workplace: How to use the architecture and interior workplace experience to attract and retain talent, while providing an open and flexible workplace, defined by a tall open volume, a clear layout structure, and honest materiality.

    3. The Context: This building is the first project to be designed and built in the city under the new Transit Oriented Development Alignment Rezoning Guidelines. The site was rezoned to be TOD-CC Transit Community Center, this type of district is intended to accommodate and encourage transit-supportive development in light rail stations areas where there is not a current market demand for more intense development. Site development strategies include a maximum parking requirement of 4 spaces per 1,000 SF, short and long-term bicycle parking, and 10% of open area.

    The design team utilized BIM technology early on during the design process to develop virtual reality environments that help the client and team make informed decisions, the engineering teams also developed their BIM models that helped the design and construction team coordinate potential conflicts and strategize construction sequencing. 3d Printing was also an integral part of the technology tools employed by the design team.

    The building construction relies on the premise to utilize simple inexpensive materials and systems in a harmonious, coherent, and thoughtful composition, exposing the steel structure and mechanical ductwork creates an honest architecture that proudly displays the character of its components.

    Design: Ossa Studio
    Contractor: Myers & Chapman
    Photography: Juan Ossa