MyDreamPlus Hongqiao Zhongjun Plaza Coworking Offices – Shanghai

MyDreamPlus renovated two buildings to house their new 269,000 square-foot coworking space in Hongqiao Zhongjun Plaza, a work environment fit to inspire employees and freelancers in the Shanghai area.

  • Client MyDreamPlus,
  • size 269,000 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Shanghai, China,
  • Industry Coworking,
  • MyDreamPlus designed their new Hongqiao Zhongjun Plaza coworking offices located in Shanghai, China.

    The project is located in Shanghai Hongqiao New Business District, within 3 kilometers from Hongqiao International Airport and Hongqiao Railway Station. The strategic position of this area is planned as an international open hub. It gathers well-known domestic corporate headquarters and business parks.

    MDP EDGE Design Team carried out the overall interior renovation of the two office buildings in the area and provided professional office services and operations. As the result, the project becomes the largest co-working office building in the Hongqiao CBD area, with the highest occupancy rate and the best operating condition. The building is traditional modern standardized office building with glass curtain wall, high hall, cubed office space and complete facilities.

    This type of space has been widely used as a standard for office buildings in recent decades and is a model for modern urban development. However, the arrangement of internal space often lack the connections with the work and organization forms. For example, if the entrance just has the function with reception, the lobby will become the corridor for employees that connect the elevator and workstation. Hence, the lobby will be insulated from whole building. This separation in office continues the mechanized characteristics of the industrial age. It is out of touch with the more flexible and autonomous office characteristics of modern times.

    MDP Edge design team has upgraded the concept of the entire lobby to make it more revealing of the future office experience. The original form of the lobby is a space that only contains reception functions. Except for the front desk area, other areas are basically vacant, with low utilization efficiency, and lack of affinity for space experience. The team selected several representative office functions and placed them on the ground floor lobby. The design strategy is an unique design of MDP. The designer connects the interior and exterior vision of the building on horizontal level.

    On the side facing the park, the Hotdesk, super meeting rooms and multi-functional areas are set up along with transparent floor-to-ceiling glass to meet the diversified office requirements of visiting users. Among them, the multifunctional hall is strengthened, flexible and variable, and can be used as a functional space such as exhibitions and road shows. The functions of the ground floor are embedded to activate the overall connectivity between the office building and the external community. It also ensures the privacy of some internal tenants.

    The building contains 9 floors, of which the top floor is six meters high with a wider view. The design team established core functional islands, configured coffee areas, leisure areas, public release areas, and other public spaces on this floor. Public seats are set up along the perimeter of the facade with a wide view and well-lit area for employees to negotiate and work flexibly.

    The whole building is equipped with more than 40 meeting rooms of different sizes to meet the growing demand for formal meetings of more than 100 companies and more than 1,700 users. In addition, the space also provides several negotiation rooms and telephone rooms to support more meeting methods.

    The public area is placed on the far side of the workstation area, with good lighting and a spacious and comfortable environment, providing employees with resting space, solitary space and brainstorming function area, which activates the creative moment of employees and reduces fatigue of employees.

    Design: MyDreamPlus
    Photography: courtesy MyDreamPlus