Valeo Financial Advisors Offices – Carmel

  • Client Valeo Financial Advisors,
  • size 22,500 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Carmel, Indiana, United States,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • Parallel Design Group completed the modernized and efficient offices for Valeo Financial Advisors located in Carmel, Indiana.

    Coming from a traditional space with tall panels and private offices along the perimeter, we were grateful they took our advice to do a complete 180, providing them with a more modernized feel entirely by way of interior offices and more efficient workstations. The question that drove our strategy: How do we create a high-end feel that is welcoming to our clients?

    From day one, extra care and attention was given to incorporating their brand into various design details. Staying on brand (and on budget), our team infused the dark navy hue into strategic areas. Inspired by the details of a power suit, we chose elements with texture and classic patterns and threaded them throughout the space.

    The reception area makes a bold statement. Warm wood elements and an artistic application of their logo behind the custom desk provides an artistic backdrop when clients arrive. As you enter the space accents of wood-grain DiNoc, felt panels, marble and iron all collide cohesively.

    One challenge we were asked to solve was related to providing a forward-thinking client conferencing center. Aiming to deliver large volumes of client centered spaces, we encouraged a bigger spend in collaborative areas, thus focusing on smaller workstations and bigger common spaces.

    The Social Hub was created as one vast area to gather; and combined the breakroom, training room, and patio into one primary space that can host hundreds; yet also be the home to one-on-one chats with coffee-house vibes. A large multi-panel TV is housed above the custom built-in booths for company presentations or social gatherings. Ceiling clouds that reference the shape of their logo hang above, nodding to the brand. Unique to this area is a foldable glass wall opening to the balcony beyond. Employing Smart Pergola allowed for 85% coverage of the balcony, becoming an extended gathering space with heaters and integrated lighting.

    Our client had great appreciation for finishing touches; specifically lighting and artwork. Recessed linear fixtures were used throughout by way of pin stripe lighting over traditional 2×4 fixtures. The client’s love of art is showcased thru commissioned artwork by local Indianapolis artists.

    We were able to go bold with color blocking in the intern area, a thriving and lively department. Felt panels and large collaborative spaces overlooking the city spoke to the younger crowd.

    Design: Parallel Design Group
    Photography: The Addison Group