Brio Conseils Offices – Montreal

The offices of Brio Conseils feed off the local energy of downtown Montreal while maintaining a pleasant, warm and wellbeing-focused interior for the management consultant company.

  • Client Brio Conseil,
  • size 8,000 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Montreal, Canada,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services,
  • Inside Studio created a space that feels like home in the light-filled Brio Conseils offices located in Montreal, Canada.

    Brio Conseil, a boutique management consulting firm, was envisaged as a workplace to bring together both employees and clients in a place of work but also a space that feels like home. A large work center hub was created off the reception that accommodates meeting rooms supported by an approachable open kitchen that reinforces this spirit of conviviality.

    This hub allows clients to learn, train and unwind and for the employees to collaborate, congregate and most importantly to create : helping their clients define who they are and implement their strategies and evolve their culture.

    Right off the elevators attention is drawn to a vibrant blue laced wall guiding the gaze to a large welcoming wood clad reception desk with meeting rooms enveloping it. Exposed concrete floor serves as a base throughout the workspace accented with textured, patterned carpets acting as oversized accent rugs. Reflected above these work areas are aligned linear lighting expressed as wood beams to further a chalet warmth to the space.

    Bringing together both clients and Brio’s collective talents in a co-creation environment ultimately fuses Brio’s mission to their client’s vision.

    Design: Inside Studio
    Photography: Maxime Brouillet