KPMG Offices – Navi Mumbai

  • Client KPMG,
  • size 48,000 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Navi Mumbai, India,
  • Industry Professional Services,
  • ANA Designs blurred the lines between work and play in the design of KPMG‘s offices located in Navi Mumbai, India.

    We were asked to design an energetic office and in return, we created an amazingly playful & youthful workspace.

    This was the place where the new recruits would get trained before they are sent across the globe as their careers progressed! This office had to be a place that makes youth believe in and completely sync with the energy of the company. We tried to bring in the Generation Z – feel (Out of the Box Thinking), by creating vivid and joyful concepts for various spaces within the office! We designed spaces with themes related to sports, which would uplift the team spirit and bring the members closer.

    We also created amphitheater / stadium style breakouts to bring about a feeling of oneness! The cafeteria was designed like a jungle with a safari theme, where you could get inspired from Mother Nature while sipping your coffee! Taking risks is the real game of life and this was explicitly represented by way of design, through themes like outdoor / adventure sports, where thrill is everything!

    Apart from such awe-inspiring and youthful concepts, we also made sure we give them the best kind of workplace in terms of flexibility (hot desk), agility and services making it a – One of its kind – office!

    Design: ANA Designs
    Photography: Ravi Kanade