Fast Office Coworking – Moscow

  • Client Fast Office,
  • size 2,045 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Moscow, Russia,
  • Industry Coworking,
  • Kate Turbina completed the unique layout for Fast Office, a comfortable and innovative coworking space in Moscow, Russia.

    The idea
    A unique new format for a coworking spaces in Moscow with an hourly rate. Coworking spaces near the house, comfortable and thoughtful places for individual work – this is what the residents of the metropolis lacked. The founder of Fast Office, Pavel Melnikov, created a new workspace format.

    A place
    The first Fast Office space takes place in one of the most popular Shopping Mall with a high traffic. This shopping center is located in the area of ​​the modern creative residential area. The coworking space placed in a quiet area away from major brand stores with river and city views. The new project differs from an ordinary cafe, office or coworking space in that there is no need to communicate with the staff, complete autonomy.

    The goal
    The architect’s task was to create the clean quiet space with a clear idea work-life balance. The office was designed by the brief from a client: the number of seats, types of functional areas, project budget was set, the target audience was identified. The design was created taking into account all aspects of the business concept. The client wanted to get a modern interior in a functional loft, to organize comfortable workplaces and a communication space for meetings.

    Fast office is a workspace near home, where it is convenient to work for 3-4 hours, and then do other things, for example, spend time with your family. It is important that there are no staff on the premises. The client gets access to the living room, office, familiar workplace without unnecessary communication.

    The concept
    The design decisions had to be simple and easy to implement. This is important given the potential scalability of the network. If there are as many sites as there is now for cafes’ chains in Moscow, for example, the speed and budget for assembling a new site is highly important.

    It was necessary to create a bright, simple, minimalist, recognizable modern interior, attract a wide target audience, and organize a comfortable working environment for intensive work.

    Inspired by the startups from Dolina and the driven Moscow’s energy, we managed to solve the set tasks. We chose trendy startup blue as an accent color.

    The atmosphere is one of the most important things. Gray and white are vaguely reminiscent of a dry office aesthetics, while blue reminds guests that they are not at the real office, but in a technological modern space.

    Design: Kate Turbina
    Contractor: Office.Doers
    Photography: Natalia Pokrovskaya