Finest Design Nest Coworking Offices Expansion – Hong Kong

  • Client Finest Design Nest,
  • size 4,000 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Hong Kong, China,
  • Industry Coworking,
  • Finest Design Nest Design Team designed a newly expanded space to host functions and events at their coworking offices located in Hong Kong.

    Finest Design Nest, a feature on the Hong Kong co-working space scene since 2018, has recently expanded its footprint to now also offer an innovative new environment for functions and events.

    Featuring furniture and fittings from top European designers, flexibility is the key here. The expansion has enabled the opportunity to deliver numerous spatial configurations, from large open-plan, to smaller, more intimate spaces. Open or enclosed, public, semi-public or private, the options are endless. All supported by the technology and hospitality you would expect from this high-quality product.

    Open-plan Gathering Space
    Suitable a large event, this gathering space of 4,000 available square feet has the potential to open up to approximately 12,000 square feet for even larger functions. Acoustic ceiling panelling, ample for ceiling and mood lighting and access to Audio-visual systems means spatially, this area is well equipped to deliver.

    Bar Counter
    Featuring a modern, illuminated frontage, this elegant piece of design complements all you could want from a fully-serviced bar and kitchen counter. Handily located next to the dining areas, everything you need to deliver great food and beverages, and enjoy a leisurely atmosphere, is at your finger-tips.

    Individual Living Rooms
    We have cleverly designed two unique, but individual rooms representing a typical Hong Kong living space of approximately 100sq ft each. These may be small but they are perfectly formed and cosy. Both are furnished with carefully selected Scandinavian-designed lighting and furniture, and a TV … they even include a bathroom! To deliver privacy, change the clear glass to opaque with the flick of a switch. The cantilevered floating balcony off one unit simply says ‘where here, lets mix and mingle, while the other more nestled unit allows you to enjoy your own private space.

    Resource Library
    Curiosity comes from good design, and where better to be curious than in our uniquely designed resource library. Constructed from a distinctive floating shelving system our library accommodates an abundance of approximately 3000 books and magazines. Where better to be inspired, relax and read …. or simply enjoy a browse.

    Privacy Pods
    Collaborate, chat or relax. Everyone loves some privacy and our 5 pods provide the perfect get-away during an office event. Each pod includes a table and seating arrangement, plus all the expected technology links. Three of the pods are acoustically lined with a glass door for complete quiet and privacy. And two open-front pods can deliver an extended seating option in conjunction with the multi-coloured ottoman cubes.

    Hush Phone Booth Pods
    Nowhere to make that important call, or take some reprieve from a busy office environment? Our Hush Phone Booths are the perfect place to make that call without interruption. These compact independent spaces offer advanced acoustics, an ergonomic armrest and glass panelling. Comfortable and easy to use.

    Chill-out Lounge
    Exchange ideas, have a chat or simply enjoy a laugh while relaxing on our wide range of mix-and-match Scandinavian imported furniture by Bolia. A great place to spend time with colleagues and friends.

    Hot Desk Zone
    The Hot Desk trend is the modern way to work. And our zone is a popular place to be. Our unique sit&stand desks imported from Europe allow the height of the desk and chair to be easily adjusted to your individual needs. Sleek ergonomic design delivers an effective hot-desk environment.

    Open Seats
    20 ottoman cube seats take centre-stage in our gathering space. These spots of colour become a piece of art when not in use. But when you need some seating for the gathering space, in front of the stage, to open up one of the pods, or just a place to sit, then these are the answer.

    The stage area is perfect for a one-on-one or intimate discussion, spontaneous conversation, or for interacting with a wider audience through the aid of a large retractable screen. Deliver your presentation, share your ideas or simply enjoy a conversation in this semi-intimate space.

    Design: Finest Design Nest In-house Team
    Photography: Eddie Cheung