Davidson Offices – Brisbane

For the first time in Davidson's 30 year history, they sought to create a Brisbane workplace that embodied their brand, culture and beliefs and championed employee experience; all executed remotely during the height of COVID-19 lockdown.

  • Client Davidson,
  • size 10,226 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Brisbane, Australia,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services,
  • COMUNiTI communicated the brand and culture of Davidson, a human resources consultant, in their new offices in Brisbane, Australia.

    We began with a comprehensive discovery process, enabling us to engage at a deeper level to understand the values and the essence of what it meant to be part of Davidson. Through our deep dive we uncovered core values and passion for people and helped them communicate this through the natural flow of the workplace.

    The circular lounge in the café is a direct nod to the Yarning Circles of the Yalari Mob, reflective of the indigenous gathering point through the use of space and earthy colour tones, grounded by the circular rug and emphasised by the suspended light fittings. Material selections were made consciously to engage with ethical and sustainable manufacturers, ranging from Onterra carpet tiles, to Woven Image Acoustic Ceiling panels.

    Embracing the curved nature of the floor plate and offset core, the workspace enables an uninterrupted view, connecting the entire business without barriers. This connectivity enables natural osmosis to occur, engaging the skill and knowledge of the team, learning from one another.

    Supported by a variety of team collaboration space styles, quiet booths, lounging areas and phone booths, employees are encouraged to optimise their work performance by engaging with the right space for the task, offering enhanced flexibility.

    The heart of the business is a cafe space; open and connected to the work environment making it a gathering place that encourages community. Subtly, this space is inspired by the artefacts of Nepal. The window to the hall is screened with mobile blades akin to prayer wheels and the material pallet is icy; reflective of intense blue sky and colder climes. The bright colours and wall artwork are inspired by the splashes of colour from traditional prayer flags giving the space a feeling of openness and belonging.

    The materiality embraces the essence of Davidson; honest, authentic and trusted, executed through the sealed concrete, exposed services and signature “D” shape, partnered with their signature navy blue and splash of orange.
    The client’s brief was minimal; they wanted to accommodate their 60+ employees in a workplace that enabled them to work effectively and represented them professionally to their clients.

    Design: COMUNiTI
    Photography: Mindi Cooke