Scott.Weber Workspace Praga Office & Garden – Prague

Once inhabited by a former car manufacturer, the Scott.Weber Workspace Praga Office & Garden draws inspiration from Prague's auto industry roots to deliver a new nontraditional and creative coworking environment.

  • Client Scott.Weber Workspace,
  • size 25,026 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Prague, Czech Republic,
  • Industry Coworking,
  • klik architekti used a local heritage building when designing Scott.Weber Workspace’s Praga Office & Garden located in Prague, Czech Republic.

    The building located in the hearth of Karlín represents a significant part of local industrial heritage. Its genius loci recounts the story of the renowned car manufacturer Praga. The building has been transformed into a workspace named Praga Office & Garden. Architectonically, it has been a project of the klik architekti studio, which designed the new solution of the space drawing inspiration from car industry.

    The investor’s vision was to create a unique space that would merge the industrial character of Karlín with the boutique identity of the brand Scott.Weber workspace. It was a seemingly simple assignment, but it required a search for the design boundary between these two concepts.

    Nowadays, there is a tendency to design untraditional and creative office environments. “Going to work should bring you joy, and workspaces need to motivate people to work. I believe that due to the current situation workspace centres will be even more popular than before. People need and want to return to an office environment, yet they will expect the same comfort they have at home

    We decided to keep the maximum of concrete walls and cement blocks and we complement the concrete floor with contrast rubber zones, similarly to the original workshop. There are three dominant colours in the interior referring to the typical colours of Praga bodyworks. When it comes to details, the common features are leather upholstery and brass components that draw inspiration from the traditional cars.

    Design: klik architekti
    Photography: Jiri LIzler