Bosch Engineering Center Offices – Cluj-Napoca

  • Client Bosch,
  • size 107,639 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Cluj-Napoca, Romania,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Morphoza was challenged by Bosch Engineering to realize offices that think agile, work mobile, and connect as one for their location in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

    Built on a foundation of working conditions that can keep up with the changes in today’s business world, the 10,000 sqm-sized office allows everybody to choose their preferred working style, conditions and working space. The spectacular result – a harmonious building in which the architecture, the interiors and the functions go hand in hand – is based on a close collaboration between Bosch Real Estate Department, FCM, Morphoza and Dico și Țigănaș.

    The unique workplace was configured through a highly engaging process of change, as the project involved 10 focus group sessions, 15 design thinking workshops, 1 sneak peak „Future Office” exhibition, 2 town-hall presentations, 6 change management trainings for the change ambassadors, a constant and transparent internal & external communication plan and a close monitoring of the change through survey tools and space utilization studies.

    More than 200 Bosch Engineering Center Cluj associates were engaged in generating working conditions that could make every team member, as well as the company as a whole, even more innovative and successful.

    The new office takes account of a range of numerous working habits: for those who wish to dive within their own minds and have a moment of silence, the option to retreat to a calm and quiet zone, provides a soothing and noise reducing area for the individual spaces. The central interaction communication area cultivates a sense of community, while the modern and easy-to-operate media technology in the meeting rooms encourages interaction within the team.

    As the balance between work and social life is another important aspect for the Bosch Engineering Center Cluj team, the gym, the terrace and the restaurant dedicated to the company’s staff were Bosch Engineering Center Cluj’s choices to foster a sense of comfort and appreciation.

    The entire design project resulted in an office that truly speaks about the principles of Bosch, about its appreciation for each member of the team, about a place that works for everyone and that everyone seems to really enjoy. Functional, flexible, with a welcoming atmosphere, fresh design, natural colours and textures – this is the new Bosch Engineering Center Cluj home.

    Design: Morphoza
    Photography: Sunny Side Up